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Barbara Bray

Rethinking Learning
Learning Designer • Podcast Host • Advocate 4 Kids & Teachers
San Francisco Bay Area
I always wanted to be a teacher and am passionate about what education technology can do to empower learners of any age to develop agency. I started my journey long ago and am what you might call a "digital pioneer." CUE has opened many doors for me and helped me build amazing connections with innovative, awesome educators over the years. It's hard to believe that this is the 40th anniversary of CUE. Wow!

I'm an author, writer, speaker, and instructional designer. I love the stories people tell me so I wanted to learn more and decided to host a podcast show, Conversation on Learning with educators and change agents around the world. I am passionate about writing, sharing stories of transforming learning, bringing joy and creativity to learning, and facilitating change. I am the co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning and will be participating in the Meet the Author session on Saturday. Please come by!

I help schools set up coaching programs and am the founder/owner of My eCoach that is based on a coaching platform for teachers because I believed that they need ongoing support as they change teaching practice. I am also an assessor for Digital Promise and an advisor for the Buck Institute of Education.

I wrote the professional development column for CUE for 17 years and, lucky me, I received the CUE Gold and Platinum disks for the advancement of teaching and learning. I've been focusing on creating learner-centered environments for over 25 years and coined the term "Making Learning Personal" in 2000 because I really believed that education needs to be all about the learner and learning first. I combine UDL and the neuroscience of learning by encouraging the development of learner agency and creating learner-centered environments. I use the design-thinking process and UDL with project-and inquiry-based learning and guide the redesign of flexible learning spaces. I've been fortunate to facilitate change with leadership teams so all stakeholders are committed to a shared vision around teaching, learning, joy, creativity, and learner agency.